What does it mean when I ask for your referrals?

“You want a referral?  But…  I don’t know anyone who wants to sell a home in your area.”  Or I don’t know anyone that wants to buy in your area or rent in your area or lives in your area.

While of course, those would be the best referral scenarios; those are not the only people I can help. 

I’m a full service real estate agent, as my friends, family, and past and prospective clients know.  I’m not only here to help people in my area buy or sell or rent a home, and to guide them from first showing through to closing.  I also provide many other real estate services. 

I share market information, and I’ve been known to research and share information nationwide, not just in areas my specific branch covers.  I assist with understanding the tax grievance process, and I can provide referrals to appropriate lawyers (if needed), provide information on what is required to grieve taxes, and assist finding the proper forms and understanding due dates.  I share processes for new home buyers, and help anyone who wants to know understand the entire home buying or selling process.  I’m open to assisting in any way I can.

What I ask in return are referrals.  

referralIf you hear of anyone who wants to buy, sell, rent, or is just thinking of buying, selling or renting, ask them if they are already working with a real estate agent.  If they aren’t, send them to me.  This is true regardless of where they are located, or where they want to buy or sell!  If I cannot help them myself because they are outside my geographic area, I’d be happy to find a qualified agent in their area who can provide the same services I’d provide if they lived here.  And yes, referrals to other agents can result in a small commission to me as well; which helps me continue to provide all the free services I provide.

So it’s okay if you don’t know anyone in my area who is buying or selling.  If you know anyone in any location and they are not already being assisted by a real estate agent, send them my way.  I’ll treat them well, you can count on it.

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