Technology and Real Estate Office Floor Time

Technology has effected the way in which real estate agents work.  For example, many tools and forms are now on-line, agents now have the ability to place pictures and information about a home on the Internet right after a contract is signed, and agents can utilize iPads and other new devices to streamline presentations to clients.  

Another way technology has effected real estate offices is evident by what agents call “floor time.”  Floor time, or “up time” refers to a scheduled time for an agent to physically sit in the office and take care of all customers who walk into the office, and to answer any customer phone calls. 

Because of the Internet, though, customers do not come into offices, or call.  Almost all inquiries are done via sites such as, trulia, zillow,  Customers just enter their contact information, click a button, and someone calls them back. 

What does this mean?  It means many agents who do floor time must fill their scheduled office time with other activities, such as training, writing direct mail, and when the inspiration hits (as it did today with me), writing poems.

Uses for Floor Time

I’m a new agent, just learning my way

Experiencing new things, day after day.

I’ve sold my first home to a buyer who’s glad

He now owns his very first out-of-the-house pad.


So I’m learning a lot and making much progress

Except for one area, this much I profess.

I’m talking about floor time, or nap time for some.

In ancient times, I hear, clients would come.


They’d call on the phone to get info on places

They’d make an appointment, then off to the races.

The clients would drop by all day – legend goes

There never was time for an agent to doze!


But floor time for me is nothing like this

The phone is so quiet it’s a dead zone abyss.

I sit in my office, and make all my calls

I look at the goals that are listed on walls.


I write new materials to post on the “rain”

I take courses on the web and I read and I train.

I update my contact lists and write some email

And contact my leads before they get stale.


The phones I don’t answer because they don’t ring.

But today I wrote this poem, at least that’s something.



4 thoughts on “Technology and Real Estate Office Floor Time

    • Good morning! Thanks for posting. Even if the number of real estate buyers drastically increased, they would still be using the Internet instead of dropping by the office to establish contact with a realtor. Except for those who are technically-adverse and we should really be out there finding those people! Haev a great day, and share your poem when it’s done (can’t quit my day job, my hand is on the door knob…..)

  1. Ugh, I can’t stand floor time! I’m a free secretary for 3-4 hours! Wish my company would do away with it. Its an archaic way of running an office and a waste of time for the agent. I am busy enough with work though that I don’t have to turn to writing poetry! lol

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