Round Lake: Things I’ve Learned about Monroe NY, Edition 2

I spent an hour or so this morning rowing around on a custom built Adirondack Guide boat (warning – shameless plug!!!!  One of my husband’s passions is making boats).

round lake 8-20-11

We brought the boat to Round Lake in Monroe, NY.  The new factoid I learned about Monroe this week was that Round Lake is a beautiful, peaceful spot of tranquility.

Motor boats are not allowed on the lake; only rowboats, kayaks, canoes and other non-gas powered boats.  There is an island in the middle of the lake, providing a lot of additional shoreline to explore.

The surface of the water was sooooo smooth, but in a few spots, we saw “cats paws” dancing across the water.  These are the small waves that are seen when a bit of wind ripples the top of the water.

We watched turtles slide off downed logs into the lake.  We saw fish jumping (the lake is stocked with brown trout.)  We saw a crane quietly sitting by the side of the lake, which then took off and we watched its slow, low flight across the lake.


We rowed around the edge of the water and saw the lake community on one side, beautiful water lillies surrounding the edges of the lake, and lots of dragonflies flitting about.  We passed a dock and some row boats, and in general, just enjoyed the beauty provided us by nature.

You can hear cars on the Lakes Road as they pass by, but that sound is muffled.  When we let ourselves drift, we could hear the sounds of lillies passing under us, the buzzing of dragonflies’ wings, and could hear the birds chattering.

If you have are a resident of Monroe, NY’s town or villages (Orange County), you should take advantage of the lake and spend a little time relaxing.  Boats can be rented at Round Lake (seasonally).  See for more details.

Here I am in a handmade Adirondack guide boat, enjoying the morning!

Kat in boat


3 thoughts on “Round Lake: Things I’ve Learned about Monroe NY, Edition 2

  1. Round Lake NY is another one of New York’s beautiful lakes. It has been a popular spot for many years for RESIDENTS of the Town of Monroe, and it’s Villages, along with licensed NY State fishermen (and fisherwomen) to enjoy. There is a large sign stating that. However, this past spring (2013) the Town started providing free Wi-Fi as well as Swan Boats (@ $15 per hr) to Town residents and now there is such overcrowding due to out of state people, who are not fishing, using the resources at Round Lake that one often can not find parking.
    When a 16 year resident of Monroe, who happens to live close to Round Lake and would frequently kayak on it, tried to find parking and saw that there were cars from NJ, MA, and CT there, they called Sandy Leonard, the town supervisor, to inquire why people from out of state were allowed there when there was a large sign saying RESIDENTS ONLY. Right away Sandy Leonard said that residents of Kiryas Joel were allowed to use the lake. The resident never mentioned the Satmar Hasidic residents at all but right away Ms. Leonard tried to make the inquiry into an antisemetic issue.
    I truly LOVE Monroe but the current town board MUST be voted out Nov 5, 2013.
    If you live in Monroe NY or one of it’s villages, please vote for United Monroe Candidates. More info @

    • Thanks for your comment(s). It took me a few days to respond since I wanted to stop by the Lake and take a picture of the Residents Only sign and post it here; unfortunately, I didn’t see a sign that said only residents were allowed. Perhaps that’s part of the confusion; we need a new sign. I’ve updated my blog to include the “residents” requirement.

  2. This is a photo of before and after.
    I do love Monroe and it’s. beautiful town. The politicians are very corrupt and have little regard for it’s citizens

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