Crane Park of Monroe, NY (Orange County)

As I’m relatively new to Monroe NY, I’ve been learning all about the area, and I thought it would be useful to share some of my insights as I get them.  I’ve already written a few Monroe related blogs (see links at bottom), but this time I’m focusing on the centerpiece of Monroe.

google maps for crane park

The central gathering place in Monroe, NY is the area that includes the Goose Ponds and the streets that surround it.  The Goose Ponds are where the free summer music concerts occur (up in the North end of the park).  In addition, the annual Monroe Cheese Festival also happens here. 

Further, there is a jogging path that winds its way about 1.6 miles around the two ponds.  On any warm day you will find people walking or running around the ponds, or sunbathing on the grass.  In addition, the dog walkers are out in force.  In fact, on ANY day, regardless of weather, there is always someone walking the area.

While most of the people who live in the area refer to this site by saying, “Hey, I’ll meet you at the Ponds,” in fact, the real name of the site is Crane Park.  Even Google agrees, as a search of google maps does not call this area the Goose Ponds, but Crane Park.

Crane park signAs seen by the dedication sign, the park was named after A.J. Crane.  Alfred was the first president of the Monroe Improvement Association.  In 1921, A.J. and a group of Monroe businessmen wanted to establish Monroe as the prettiest village in the area.  Working with the founder of the Orange & Rockland Electric Company, they created the park, a beautiful space with plenty of lawn, and fountains in the ponds.

The movie theater is located near one end of the ponds and there are various businesses located on the surrounding streets, but this area is best known for keeping the residents of Monroe healthy and happy.

Crane Park

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