Monroe, Harriman, Chester and Tuxedo NY: Garbage and Recycling Schedules

Drats, I missed the garbage pickup again!  After years of living in a co-op, where I would bring my garbage and recycling to a “garbage house’ and the town would pick it up at some mysterious time, I am now in a house.  Which means I need to pay attention to what gets picked up on which days.

gargage binSo, I did a little research and thought I would share the official schedules for the Towns of Monroe, Tuxedo, Chester and the Villages of Harriman and Monroe.  The official sites are listed on the bottom for more information and contact numbers.

MONROE (Town & Village), and HARRIMAN (Village)

Monday (Village): Regular household garbage pickup.

Tuesday (Town):  Regular household garbage pickup.

Wednesday: Recylables.  Bins can be picked up from the Town Highway Garage at 87 Mine Road. 

The Recycling pickup includes co-mingled (tin, aluminum, foil, plastic containers & cartons) and mixed papers.  Do not put co-mingled items in plastic bags.

Thursday (Village residents only): Regular household pickup AND one bulk/large item will be picked up.  This cannot include construction/renovation debris, tires, computer equipment or TVs but can include furniture, hot water heater, etc.  The bulk pickup is only available between April and December.

Friday (Town residents only) Regular household pickup AND one bulk/large item will be picked up – see Thursday for rules.

Town of TUXEDO

Monday:  Household garbage pickup.

Monday: (First & Third only): In addition to every Thursday, bulk items can be picked up.

Thursday:  Recyclables and household garbage and bulk item pickup.   Open container must be used for mixed recyclables (glass, cans, plastic, milk cartons, juice boxes, foil, frozen food boxes) and mixed paper.  Do not use plastic bags.

Daily:  In addition, the town of Tuxedo also accepts yard waste drop-off (leaves, grass clippings, brush, compost material)



Please note: the following schedule is street-dependent.  Specific street pickups are available via the link below.

Monday:  Recycling.  All recycling goes in one container, with papers tied (not in bags).

Tuesday:  Recycling.

Wednesday:  Household garbage.

Thursday:  Household garbage.

Friday:  Household garbage.

Homes were provided with special collection carts which are compatible with the garbage company’s trucks; the container with the green lid is for recycling. 

For more information, see:


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