2011 Monroe NY Cheese Festival – views from the booth

1) While this wasn’t specific to Monroe of course, the weather today was AWESOME!   Sunny with a little breeze and about 78 or so.  In my book, that’s a perfect September day.

2) People were interested in the fair.  There was a nice sized crowd, but it wasn’t crowded per se.  Folks continued to move from place to place without blocking any booths.  Although I wasn’t able to traverse the entire fair end to end, I can speak for the street where we were located.  Music played throughout the day.  We saw a martial arts demonstration which took place on the grass next to one of the ponds.  Various vendors were involved in the fair, including large retail stores as well as local businesses.  There were craft booths and many food vendors.

3) People were friendly!  We were able to have some in-depth and positive conversations with many local and not so local individuals.   There was a great feeling of community when talking to visitors to our booth.  Very warming.

4) This was a real estate event and while we didn’t get any takers on the homes that we displayed at the booth, I did leave the event with some new contacts, both potential future clients and friends, and industry-related peers.

So not only would I recommend Monroe NY as a great place to live, but it’s a great place to meet people and a fun place for an event such as the Cheese Festival. 

If you weren’t able to visit the Monoe NY Cheese Festival in 2011, then put it on the calendar as a must-do in 2012!

Monroe cheese festival facing east

 monroe cheese festival facing west



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