We like fire… backyard activites in Monroe, NY

This blog doesn’t really have anything specific to do with the town of Monroe, NY, but it’s something that happens there often (at least in our little part of town).

flamesOne of the most relaxing ways to end a summer day is to pull a few chairs around the fire “cauldron”, settle into the chairs, and watch the flames leap and flicker.

This is a great time to talk to your loved ones about concerns or achievements. 

It’s a time to unwind without doing it in front of a reality show or non-stop TV programs.

In front of a campfire is also an awesome place to just daydream, or to totally relax the mind and just be.

Or to start singing Kumbuya so you can tick everyone off (not that I would ever do such a thing of course).

So regardless of where you live, if you have room enough to safely set up a fire pit or to purchase a fire place of some sort, you should do it.

It provides a break from the craziness of life.



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