The first church of Monroe, NY

Today, Monroe NY is home to many different faiths.  There are Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches, and there are multiple synagogues and temples.

first church signHowever, the very first church of Monroe NY was Presbyterian.

It was established in 1783.  The first pastor was Silas Constant who preached his first sermon under an apple tree on April 20th, 1783. 

A church and school were subsequently built on the 2.5 acre parcel. 

The school was open to all residents regardless of faith.  It remained in operation as a public school until about 1813.  At that time, NY State decreed that school districts become established so the school ended formal education. 

In 1819, the school began use as a Sunday school.   

In 1844, the Erie Railroad purchased some of the church’s land to build a station.  However, the station was relocated shortly thereafter as it was too close to an existing station.

The church remained in active use for 60 years with the last service occuring in 1853

The site of the first Monroe church is now the home of the Seamanville Cemetery.

seamanville cemetery


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