Everyday uses for nail polish remover (for men and women)….

I was painting my old home yesterday, and I got some paint on my arm, hands and leg (I’m not a neat painter!).  A few hours later I got home, and knew exactly what to use to remove the paint quickly.  It was latex paint, so I could have just used soap and water and scrubbed a bit to get it off.  But instead, I put just a tiny amount of nail polish remover on a tissue and I wiped all the paint off with just a quick swipe. 

nail polish removerA few seconds later, I was done, and I thought, “HEYYYYYY, why not write a blog about…”  (wait for it)… “Nail Polish Remover!!!!!”

So what else is nail polish remover (the key ingredient is acetone) good for?

Well, it can remove:

  • crayons or other marks from the wall (just be careful to only touch the crayons and marks and not the paint!)
  • sap from your car windows.
  • ink from your skin.
  • scuffs from tiles.
  • the glue left behind from stickers or labels or tape  – this works on refrigerators, walls, etc.
  • plastic that has melted onto your toaster.
  • superglue that was inadvertently (or maybe purposely) stuck on skin. 
  • stains from dinnerware

Oh yeah, and nail polish remover can also remove nail polish!!!

Anytime I have something sticky or stuck, I try nail polish remover.  It almost always works!

Caution:  This product might also remove things you don’t want removed, so when attempting to remove anything from a painted or other service, try a very small dab of remover first on an out-of-the-way spot to make sure it won’t harm the surface.

Happy removing!


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