I hate painting!

OK, I gave it a fair shot.

paint binWe have been painting my old home, preparing it for sale.  It sounded like a much better idea to paint it ourselves at a cost of $300 or so then to pay someone else thousands of dollars to do it.

Well, there is a reason contractors charge what they do.   Painting is a royal pain in the butt. 

There is the taping of things you don’t want to paint and the covering of the floors and the stirring of the paint and the going up and down the ladder and the cleaning the drips afterwards etc etc etc. 

Oh, and cleaning the brushes and rollers and paint bin. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the patching and spackling and sanding and the repeating of the same.

Oh, and cleaning the drips on the floors!!

paint on floor

We are not even half done and all I have to say is this.

Hire a painter!!!!!! 

I will next time.


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