Things to do within 30 minutes of Monroe NY- #4) West Point Academy

The United States Military Academy at West Point is a mere half hour from Monroe NY.  It is located on the western shores of the Hudson River, a little over an hour, 20 minutes from New York City. 

Approximately 4,400 cadets are at West Point at any given time, with 1,000 graduating each year and joining the Long Gray Line as second lieutenants.

soldierWhile West Point is certainly known for its military program, the Academy’s grounds are also definitely worth a visit for other reasons.   Visitors can visit the West Point museum, attend a concert, a theater program, see fire works, or watch an exciting army athletic game, to name just a few reasons for visiting.

The West Point Museum has what may be the largest and oldest public collection of militaria in the Western Hemisphere.  The collections include warfare evolution, the American Armed Forced development and nearly all aspects of mlitary history.  I mentioned in an earlier blog ( that during the American Revolution, the Monroe area produced a chain that was stretched across the Hudson River – a portion of that chain is at the West Point Museum.

West Point is definitely a football school, but it is more than that.  West Point’s athetic department includes football, hockey, basketball, lacross, baseball and more.  I can tell you as someone who has attended a West Point football game, that it is an event not to be missed.  Imagine cannons being shot every time the Army team gets a touchdown.  Baaaa-BOOOOM!   It’s so cool.  Imagine Plebes dropping to to do pushups for every point scored by the West Point Team.  Imagine the game starting with a soldier dropping into the field via parachute.  OK, now don’t imagine – go see for yourself!

The Eisenhower theater at West Point is another place to visit.   They provide shows such as Spamalot, In the Heights, the Wizard of Oz and more.  There are West Point band concerts, and all through the summer, various entertainment is provided, which sometimes end with fireworks. 

Bottom line, West Point is an awesome place to visit.  You can picnic on the grounds, or attend an event.  It’s a gorgeous spot for both.

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