Visiting the Monroe NY of the 1800s

A visit to the Museum Village, located at 1010 Route 17M in Monroe (exit 129 off Route 17) will transport you back to the late 1700s/early 1800s. 

The Museum opened in 1950, as a result of the efforts of Roscoe William Smith, the founder of Orange and Rockland Electric company, who was also an entrepreneur, engineer, philanthropist, and collector.  Smith’s goal was to allow the public to explore and interpret rural life of the 1800s.

museumThe Museum is open from April to June, and September to November for school groups; reservations will open the museum not only to the school, but the public is able to visit during those times as well.   Also, in May, June, September, October and November, the Museum is open to the public between 11am-4pm on weekends, with tours at 12pm and 2pm.

So what can you do at the museum?  You can:

  • Visit a 130 year old general store
  • Dip a candle.
  • See a 200 year old log cabin (which dates from the late 1700s)
  • Visit a replica of a 1 room schoolhouse
  • Visit an old drug store
  • Check out a wagon shop, print shop, blacksmith, broom shop, weaving shop, candle shop, pottery shop and dress emporium.

The museum conducts demonstrations and holds workshops for school tours.

See for a site map and more information.


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