Amateur detectives needed: Missing dog food

Put on your thinking caps and get your problem solving skills in gear.  We need help solving this strange problem.

dog food(And we don’t know what the answer is, so this isn’t a trick question.)

A month or so ago, we found a bunch of dog food inside a drawer of clothes.

A few weeks later, we found a handful of dog food inside a drawer in a different dresser.

A week later, we found another handful of dog food inside a drawer in yet another dresser.

All three dressers were in two adjacent rooms in a relatively unused portion of the house.

The only place dog food is stored is in the original bag on the floor in a cabinet in the kitchen near the refrigerator – approximately 30 feet from the dressers in question.  The closet has a loose saloon type door on it with hinges on one side.

We have ruled out any humans as being responsible for the movement of the dog food.

So the question is, what could have moved food?  Could mice?  There aren’t any obvious holes in the floor and no obvious trail of food, but could a mouse have carried food and put it somewhere else?

If anyone has any ideas, that would be awesome.  We’re quite confuddled.


4 thoughts on “Amateur detectives needed: Missing dog food

  1. I can’t believe

    I “forgot” to study your blog

    because I located it 3 months earlier. Also busy

    with operate I guess. Anyways I

    have it bookmarked now to be

    positive that I get

    notified as soon as you put

    some new material up.

  2. Can’t believe I actually found someone that this has happened too except for myself lol. Did u find out what/who it was??? Last week was dog food and this week is acorns…..ACORNS for goodness sake lol all piled up neatly on top of folded clothes in the dresser. If u have figured this mystery out please let me know! Thanks

    • Jerri-
      We haven’t resolved it, but we think it just HAS to be a mouse — probably gets into the drawers through a back hole or something and puts food piece by piece away. We can’t come up with any other theory — we had piles in the closet, in a bag, in a drawer. SO WIERD…..

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