Ways to Stand Out – Possibility #1: The sketching real estate agent

I’m still a relatively new agent (I received my license a year ago, and started working about 11 months ago).   To further complicate the start of a new business, five months ago I changed my name and moved to a new town and county.  I’ve been struggling a bit with getting my business started, since I’ve had to learn all about my new area, had to become familiar with a totally different pricing environment, had to become familiar with new agents and offices, had to market/market/market and had to start networking and meeting potential new friends, customers and clients.

To further make this a crazy year, I broke my ankle (I’m still on crutches), which makes it difficult although not impossible, to show houses.  I need a volunteer driver and it takes a bit longer getting up and down stairs, making a bit more difficult.  AND, I’ve had a few family tragedies that have taken me off-line for a bit of time.  So 2011 wasn’t an incredibly successful year, work-wise.

So now I’m focused on making 2012 my really strong first full year as a real estate agent.  I plan to continue many of the activities I WAS able to do (marketing, networking, learning my area, etc), but was trying to come up with a way to set myself apart from all the agents who have been in this area forever.  How do I get people to remember me?

So I’ve been playing with various ideas, and I thought I’d put a couple of them “out there.”  (Or perhaps, the ideas are just “out there.”).

Idea #1.  I was cleaning my desk out this morning and found a sketchbook I had started several years ago.  When I lived in Dobbs Ferry, NY, I spent a lot of time at the riverfront park, and I had the urge one year to sketch the scenery.

So I sketched a view from the park


park view


 And I also sketched the view looking north towards the Tappan Zee Bridge..

hudson north

And I sketched a view looking south towards New York City.

hudson south

So I’m wondering if sketching some of the local landmarks in my new town of Monroe, NY might make people remember me.  I could put a favorite sketch on my business card, and my marketing materials, and my website. 

Or do you think the “sketching real estate agent” might be remembered as the “sketchy real estate agent,” which wouldn’t do at all.



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