Getting a new roof in Monroe, NY (Orange County)

In late August 2010, Hurricane Irene smashed through the New York area, dumping over 10 inches of rain.  The foot or so of rain hit our roof drop by drop by drop throughout the storm.  Eventually we noticed a consistent sound through the gale force winds.  It went something like this.

Drip    Drip    Drip

Yes, that’s right, we had leaks in the ceiling/roof.  An inspection after the storm revealed we needed a roof replacement, so we asked around for referrals, obtained estimates, and made our selection. 

roofer adI’m here to tell you that if you have roofing needs in Monroe, NY, you should definitely contact Douglas-Alexander Construction.

We contacted Jeff Cline (845-978-9839).  He immediately responded to our call, and we set up an appointment to have him inspect the roof and provide an estimate.  He arrived at the appointed hour, checked out the roof, and provided an estimate and a sample of various roofing choices. 

After we had received all the estimates we expected from various vendors, we selected Jeff because of his responsiveness, thoroughness and competitive estimate.

We’re glad we did.

Jeff and his crew arrived the day before work was about to start, and they delivered all the shingles and supplies to the roof.

roof preparations

They then arrived at the appointed hour on the starting day, and got right to work.  They not only arrived every day on time as promised, they worked all day, cleaned up all evidence of their work at the day’s end, and came back the next day on schedule to start all over again.

Not only that, the entire crew was incredibly pleasant.  In my book, being both efficient and pleasant is a huge benefit. 

The job only took a few days, the property was left as clean as it was when they arrived and the roof looked great.

And most importantly, we have lived through several subsequent large storms, and the house remains silent.  No drips.  No problems.  No loose shingles.  No issues of any kind with any of the materials or work that Jeff and his team provided.

So call Jeff at 845-978-9839 if you have any roofing needs in the Monroe, NY area.  

You won’t be disappointed!


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