Determination is a key to success

I think one of the keys to success, with any aspect of your life, is determination.  There are others of course, having the right tools, choosing the right path, being optimistic about your success; but being determined is one of the most important.

Why do I say that?

Because I have experienced first-hand how determination equals success

As many of those who have read my blogs know, I broke my ankle on December 1st, less than four months ago.  Today, I ran.  Not far, and not hard, but I was able to jog for stretches at a time, with no pain and only a very slight preference to my right foot (no one else would have seen it). 

joggerSeven weeks ago, when my camo boot was removed and I was told I would only be able to put partial pressure on the foot for the next three weeks, I KNEW I would do much better than that.  Why?  Because I was determined to do better.  I wanted to drive my car.  I wanted to walk.  I wanted to be able to stand in the shower.  I wanted to hike.  I wanted to be able to get some aerobic exercise.  I wanted to run.  And darn it, I wanted it all NOW (well, then).  I didn’t care that I was told I couldn’t.  I COULD.  I knew it.

So I pushed myself.  A few days later I was walking around the house with just sneakers and no crutches.  I worked it.  I went to therapy and learned a bunch of exercises, and then I did them every single day.  I stretched my leg.  I iced my ankle.  I did circles with my foot.  I bent it left and right.  I balanced on my “bad” foot.  I did heel lifts and toe lifts.  I practiced getting up and down stairs.  Up and down, and then up and down.  I walked, just to the end of my road the first time (less than 1/20th of a mile, and it took me a while… I was slow).  The next day, I did the same.  Then I went a little further.  And further.  Today, I did a combination of speed walking and jogging for 2 miles.  It felt great. 

It would have been very easy to give up, or to have just taken my time healing.  My ankle hurt.  I was impatient.  I was cranky.  I was tired.  My foot was swollen.  I was sick of the lack of mobility.  I could have certainly sat on the couch and watched TV and no one would have thought worse of me.  But I would have thought worse of me.  Because I HAD to walk.  I had to run.  And I was absolutely determined I would.  And I have.


The same rule holds true for real estate.   I’m still a relatively new agent (about a year into it), and in the last year I have experienced several family tragedies, I moved to a new county where I knew no one except my family, I spent about 3 months being not-mobile due to my ankle, I changed my name, etc.  I have felt like giving up on the real estate business several times because this is a business that takes a while to get established, especially when you’re in a new territory.  And to make me more frustrated, when I did get potential clients, I felt as though I had more than my share of disappearers, mind-changers, etc. 

However, guess what, I was DETERMINED to make it work.  Not only to make it work, but to make real estate my second career, one I expect to be very successful at. 

sold homeSo things are finally starting to happen.  Clients are making offers, deals are being struck, issues are being resolved, rentals are being located.  This is happening because I was (and am) determined.  When I couldn’t physically get out to show homes and make deals, I blogged.  I learned.  I talked.  I read.  I mailed.  I did whatever I could to make some progress.  When I moved into my new area, I soaked up everything.  Historical information.  Business information.  Homes (duh!).  I learned the prices, I previewed homes, I studied market prices.  I met my neighbors.  I made new friends. 

Does this mean I’m done?  Does it mean I can rest?  No way!  Not even close.  Regarding my ankle, I still want to hike.  I want to bike.  I want to run an entire route.  So I continue to exercise my ankle every day.  Regarding my business, I have a long long way to go until I’m where I want to be.  Things are just starting to happen.  It’s exciting, but I expect the trajectory to continue to improve, and why?

Because I am determined!!!


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