This is how the rental process should work!

From lead to customer to client to finding an apartment to making an offer to getting an offer accepted to signing the lease to moving in = 5 days!!

I am working with a few rental clients.  It’s taking a while to find the right place since their needs are specific and not too common.   A 3 bedroom rental with a 2 car garage that allows two pets.  A 4 bedroom rental in a particular town for a relatively modest price.  Another 4 bedroom that would allow a pit-bull.  Eventually, I’ll find the right place for those clients, but it’s relatively time consuming since most rentals don’t fit their specific non-negotiable needs.

And then there was this week.

On Monday, I received a lead from lead router with just an email address.  I don’t know about most other agents, but I do not have a lot of success with these leads.  With no phone number or name, my emails usually go unanswered.  But of course, I respond to the leads anyway.  So I sent a “how can I help you?” email to them.  No response on Monday.

for rentOn Tuesday, I sent another note, “Hi, can I help you find an apartment?” Later that same day, I received a “YES!!!!” and I spoke to the customer.  They told me what exactly they needed, and where, and for how much, and they indicated they wanted to find a place ASAP.  “Sure,” I said, so, I sent them 10 possibilities that fit their criteria.  They said they wanted to look at 2.  One wasn’t available on the date they wanted to look, so we only had one left.

On Wednesday, we met, we looked at the apartment, signed disclosures, filled out applications and credit check documentation, ran the credit, and submitted the offer/application.

On Thursday, we sweated.  I followed-up.  We waited.

On Friday, we got the all clear.  Offer accepted.  References checked out.  Appointment made for lease signing.

On Saturday (today), my clients reviewed and signed the lease.  They got their keys.  They were going shopping and moving in this afternoon.  They were happy.  They were smiling.  And I was as well.

THAT’s how all apartment hunts should go!  Five days from start to finish.   

This made my week.


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