Rental Market in Monroe, NY (Orange County)

Rentals are alive and well in the town and village of Monroe, NY!

The average number of new leases completed per month in 2011 was slightly higher than 9, with spikes in the number of rentals at the end and beginning of the school year. 

2012 started off at slightly lower levels, with 8 homes rented in January 2012, and 6 in February, but the small decrease is probably statistically insignificant.  March of 2012 was better than a year ago, with a jump in the total number of properties leased.

Monroe NY Rentals 1Q12

So what was the make-up of these rental properties?  In March 2012, the rented properties included:

  • One (1) one-bedroom, at a leased price of $995
  • Two (2) two-bedrooms, with an average leased price of $1425
  • Six (6) three-bedrooms, with an average leased price of $1958

As of April 5th, there are 16 properties available to rent in Monroe which provide something for everyone.   

  • There is one (1) one-bedroom, listed at $1050 per month.  This lovely apartment is in a beautiful Victorian home, within walking distance of shopping and the park, and comes with a wraparound porch.
  • There are six (6) two-bedrooms, ranging in price from $1050 to $1700 per month.  One is a single family ranch house for rent, three are condos and 2 are listed as cottages/apartments. 
  • There are six (6) three-bedrooms, with a low asking price of $1495 and a high of $2800 per month.  These rentals can be found in a townhouse/condo (3), a ranch/raised ranch single family home (2) and a two family home.
  • There are three (3) four-bedrooms, with asking prices of $2200, $2800 and $3500 per month.   The $3500 rental is a beautiful Colonial in a gated community on a golf course with a community pool.  The home is on 2/3rds of an acre, and has 12 rooms with 4-5 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The other four bedroom rentals are also lovely; one is a townhome and one is a colonial with lake front property. 

Bottom line, whatever your rental needs, you can find a rental home in Monroe, NY.  

If you need assistance with your rental home hunt, feel free to contact me!


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