I was stood up!

When I’m showing homes to clients, I like to get to the first home early, turn on all the lights, close the toilet lids, and take care of anything major that needs to be taken care of.  Since I don’t always get to preview the homes first, it also gives me a few moments to ensure I know what exactly is in the home.  By the time the clients arrive, I’m all set to give them a good showing.

Accordingly, I schedule my time appropriately.  Since the area I support is relatively large geographically, I ensure I have time to get to my first showing, get it ready, show that one, show any other homes, and get to my next appointment in time.  I’m learning how much time is needed to do all that and am pretty good at keeping on schedule.  And I always confirm with my clients the day before.

Today I was meeting a new client and we were only going to see one home; a home I hadn’t previewed yet.  I confirmed the appointment with her yesterday, and today left for the appointment 35 minutes early, which gave me 20 minutes to get there, gave me 15 minutes to do my thing.  I turned on the lights, checked out the property, and waited.  And waited.  At 10 minutes after the appointed time, I called my client’s cell phone which rang and rang until it made it to voice mail. 

I left a message, repeated the address we were meeting at, told her I was waiting, and indicated that if I didn’t hear anything in 10 minutes, unfortunately, I was going to have to leave and we’d have to reschedule.

I waited.   Nothing.  Not a word.

So, I turned off all the lights, packed myself up, and left for another 20 minute ride back to my office.  Seventy five minutes out of the work day, wasted.

Well, not totally wasted.  I did get to preview another home.

I felt like an excited young person, waiting for that hot date who never showed.  



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