2012 Rental Real Estate Results for Monroe, NY (Orange County)

A few days ago, I shared the 2012 Real Estate results for Monroe NY as they related to purchasing a single family home.  But you don’t need to be buying a home in order to enjoy a new home in Monroe, NY.  There are plenty of homes to rent, and this blog covers the 2012 results in terms of rental properties, for the town and the village of Monroe.

monroe ny rental results 2012There were 94 homes rented in 2012, ranging in size from 1 to 5 bedrooms, with rents ranging from $750 to $3,400 per month. 

Most of the rentals were two or three bedrooms, with 74% of rentals falling in that category, and the average rental price was $1779 per month.monroe rental styles

Homes also fell into every category imaginable.  About 46% of the rentals were in single family homes, whether they were colonial, ranch, Cape Cod or other styles.  The remainder were in multi-family homes or in complexes.

In addition, some of the Monroe NY rental homes came with various amenities such as lake rights, central air, hardwood floors, and access to a club house or pool. Some included heat and some included all utilities. Some allowed pets.

Bottom line, if you are interested in a new home, and you’re looking for rental property in the Monroe NY area, there are plenty of choices!

Give me a call on 914-419-0270 to get started!


Note: All data from MLXchange system, 1-4-13.


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