It can be just ONE thing that makes the sale

First time home buyers come to the home hunting adventure armed with a sometimes long list of must-haves and a target price point.  After looking at the very few homes that specifically meet their criteria, the list of must-haves often shrinks to just a few REALLY critical items. 

Using that updated set of requirements, the list of home possibilities grows, and the new buyers and their real estate agent are off to look at homes.    In and out of front doors and back doors, up and down from main floors to bedroom floors, and the homes can sometimes just become a blur of rooms.  Until…..

SCREECH!!   That ONE thing appears.

For recent clients of mine, it was the dining room in a late 19th century Victorian home.  The dining room was large, with wood floors, a high ceiling, and a windowed area that jutted out onto the porch.  The room had been painted with lovely color coordinated tones.  My clients could simply picture family meals and birthday parties being held in that dining room.  Since the home also met their few really critical requirements, that dining room just sealed the deal.

fireplaceI also recently took other clients on a tour of homes; we decided to add one to the list, even though the listing information didn’t appear to meet their critical requirements.   So we went into this unique home and my woman client was in the lead and she rounded a corner, and said, “aaaaahhh!”  My male client rounded the same corner right behind her and said, “oooooh!” and I rounded the corner right after them and said, “aaah!”   If the home had met their primary needs, that fireplace with the built in seats and stonework would have sealed the deal.

Buyers need to ensure their primary needs are met, whether that is the number of bedrooms, or school district, or finished basement, or pool.  However, there are usually quite a few homes that could meet those needs.  It takes just that ONE special feature to make them screech to a halt, and say, “Let’s make an offer – we simply have to have this home!”


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