Wishing you a lifetime of downhills

I was out for my four mile walk/jog this morning, which consists of about 2 miles of uphill and two down.  There is a one mile stretch that is almost totally uphill, and a one mile stretch down, and the rest is a combination.

up and down the mountain of lifeAs I was going up hill, thinking, “!@#*) I hate up-hills!” I started thinking how similar exercise is to life.  The challenges, roadblocks, or up-hills, are tough.  We huff and puff and have to really work to get to the top, exhaling all that stress and work when we get to the top “OOOOF”,

And then we get to fly down the other side, “WHEEEEE” and in both our life and our exercise, things are easy until we get to the next hill.

Here’s wishing you a lifetime full of downhills.



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