Should I try selling my Monroe NY home in the winter?

There is a general belief by future buyers and sellers that the residential real estate industry grinds to a halt once the summer is over.   This belief is sometimes echoed by some real estate professionals.   Well, this is simply not a truism in the Monroe, NY area, as is evident by the data provided below.

Looking at all sales of single family homes that occurred in the village and town of Monroe NY since January 2012, I calculated the percentage of homes that sold each month.  For 2013, the percentages assume November and December will have the same number of sales as 2012 (this will of course be adjusted once those months are over).

monroe ny 2012-13 sales trendsIn 2012, the two months with highest sales were July and August – no surprise there.  But what might be a surprise is that December had just as many sales as August.  What also might be interesting is that 12% of all sales in 2012 occurred in January and February.  While this is a little lower percentage than an “average” month, that could be due to sellers withholding inventory during the December-February timeframe, so there may be less homes meeting a particular buyer’s “wish list.”

What does this mean if you are considering putting your home on the market in the late fall or during the winter?  It means you should go ahead and do it!   The buyers who are out during the cold winter months are serious about buying a home, and your home could be the one they want.

The answer to “Should I try selling my Monroe NY home in the winter?” is a resounding YES!


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