Monroe, NY 2013 election results are still pending

The 2013 election ended a week ago, but the town of Monroe, NY is still waiting for results.  As I shared in my Democrats and Republicans Can Work Together blog, and my post about how I felt voting was meaningful this year, 2013 was a big year for Monroe’s local elections.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents came together and developed a new political party; one that was developed to effect change in Monroe.  They did grass roots campaigning that stirred people to action.  So why don’t we have results yet?

2013 Monroe NY ElectionAs our local Times Herald-Record newspaper stated, there was an “unprecedented voter crush” at the polls.  Polling places ran out of ballots and needed to use emergency paper ballots and old-fashioned ballot boxes.  Lines formed in polling locations that haven’t seen lines even for major presidential elections.  One spot had a two-hour wait.  People who hadn’t voted in years turned out to make their voice count.  In 2013, voter apathy was dead in Monroe, NY and involvement was alive.

So why don’t we have results?

Unfortunately, the final outcome may not be known for quite a while.  The manual votes haven’t been counted or tallied yet, and won’t be counted until a non-related issue in a nearby county is resolved.  Until they are counted, the total number of voters and the names of the winning candidates remain unknown.  There have also been reports of potentially unethical or illegal activities that may or may not have occurred at certain polling stations.  There may need to be investigations to determine if they are true, and if they are, then further action may be warranted.

Democracy is alive and well in Monroe, NY.  Unfortunately, it’s just working a little slower than elsewhere.

I will provide an update once the 2013 election finally comes to a close.



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