Why I’m not writing a real blog today

Sometimes the ideas, they just won’t come

My brain gets stuck and I feel so dumb.

I have nothing to say and nothing to type

No thoughts to share, no pictures to hype.


I was busy today, too busy to write

An appraisal this morning, all was not right

Follow-ups will be needed to make the deal work

Or else the clients will all go beserk.


Also today was also a happy lease signing

With cheers and jokes and wining and dining

I also had some great leads come my way

Hope they turn into closings, that’s what I pray.


Today was the day for our Thanksgiving lunch

A bit early this year, I would have preferred brunch

But we had lots of agents prepare home cooked food

So it was dump the food on and get it all chewed.


Then I got home and prepared to write here

And saw my ideas say good bye with a sneer.

So now I will say good night and adieu

Here’s hoping my dreams will breed blogs, at least two.


Good night.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m not writing a real blog today

  1. Your blog about your broken ankle experience is the most helpful I”ve read. I’m a 51 year old female entering week 8 of recovery from 3 broken bones, a plate, screws, and a pin to be removed in a second surgery. I feel like I am behind on rehabing. I have swelling not a lot of pain but can not put my right foot flat on floor due to shortened tendons in back of heal. Did you experience this? Any suggestions. I’m flying to Atlanta December 18 do you have any insight as to how mobile I should be at that time: Week 12 post accident. Thank you.

    • Teal-

      Yes, it took a while before I could get my foot flat on the floor. I had to stand on one stair, put my toes on the stair below me, and then slowwwwwwlllllly bend my heal towards the floor to stretch the tendons out. It took a while, but it DID get better.

      As for 12 weeks post accident and flying, have a GREAT time. You should be better. If not, you could definitely ask everyone for help! I bet there would be plenty of tall men who would love to help you put your luggage in the bin!!! 🙂


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