Real estate doesn’t stop on weekends when I have no formal appointments

The weekends are usually my busiest days in terms of appointments.   A normal weekend might have me taking two or three buyer clients out to see homes, and might also include an open house and some floor time in the office.   I typically consider Monday to be my “weekend,” but this weekend is a bit light on official must-dos.  Other than letting a rental client into a home early this morning, I have nothing specific on my calendar, which must mean I’m going to get a weekend with no work.  Um, no.

Real estate is a 7 day a week job.  Whatever do I mean?  Don’t we REALTORS(r) just walk around showing homes in our high heels and designer clothes?  What else could we possibly do when we don’t have appointments?

Great question!   Following is just an example of items I’m going to try to work on over this weekend:

Marketing/Branding:  I’ve come up with a new way to market myself with the goal of having people remember my name and what it is I do.  I have several ideas in mind and I need to flesh them out and set them in motion.

Mailings:   Our quarterly market report is ready for mailing to my neighborhood.  I still do this manually by myself, so it means scrubbing my lists, writing a letter, stuffing envelopes, writing addresses and adding stamps.  I also need to send the email version to those emailable folks.

Leads:  I had quite a few leads I’ve been working on, so I need to get in touch with them and see where they are in their home hunts.

Follow-ups on pending deals:  This speaks for itself, and is something that I do every day, but I do have a few follow up items I need to take care of this weekend.

Internet presence/blogs:   I need to write a few blogs this weekend; I also keep meaning to update some of my online profiles to make sure they reflect my current areas served.

Prospecting:  I have to follow up on some expired listings to see if the sellers are ready to put their homes back on the market.

Planning for next weekend:   Next weekend I’m committed to an open house, so I need to prepare flyers and perhaps “heads-up” letters.  I also have a client who wants to go out next weekend; in my opinion, it’s never too early to prepare for the next tour of homes.

Organizing my desk:  The pile of paper that needs to be filed and folders that need to be organized in my home office keeps expanding, and I really need to get a handle on it since I”m starting to misplace things (I can’t find my address book, or a wine glass, or the dog’s monthly heartworm tablets).  And just to clarify, the wine glass and dog have nothing to do with work!

Obviously, I can’t spend any more time here since the day is practically half over already…  Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Real estate doesn’t stop on weekends when I have no formal appointments

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your candid comments regarding being new in the real estate world. I am new myself and you are saying exactly what I am going through with no fluff. I hate reading fluff. Give it to me straight! So, thank you for being honest. That’s rare. I can totally relate to your experiences.

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