When neither choice is a good one

Sometimes we’re faced with choices, and neither choice is good.  But when there is no third option, we just have to pick Option A or Option B and live with our decision.

adirondack_guide_boatToday my husband, an avid boat builder, took prospective clients down to a nearby lake to test one of his Adirondack guide boats.  He wanted to make sure they knew how it handled.

Well, Mrs. Client had knee surgery in the past, and because she was going to have a difficult time getting in, Mr. Client was standing on the pier holding the bow of the boat, and my husband was holding the stern.  Mrs. Client was attempting to get in but was a bit wobbly, and as she tried to steady herself, Mr. Client slipped and his head and shoulders fell into the water, but he still held onto the boat and the pier.

My husband was faced with a choice.  Did he let go of the part of the boat he was holding, or did he hang on?  If he let go, Mrs. Client was going to topple into the water, and if he held on, Mr. Client, well, Mr. Client could drown or fall in himself.  Neither choice was good but there wasn’t a third choice.  My husband chose to hang on so Mrs. Client could get herself settled, and then he could deal with Mr. Client.  Mr. Client in the meantime let go of the boat and fell into the water.

What’s the bottom line? 

Sometimes when we have a decision between two things and neither choice is great, we still need to choose.  Having crappy choices doesn’t mean there IS no choice, it just means the options aren’t great.  In those times, all we can do is pick a path and follow it to its conclusion.

So here’s wishing you good choices!




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