The Eyes Have It

Warning:  Potential gross-out alert in the first paragraph…

I went out for my jog this morning, and I hadn’t gone too far when I saw a bunch of crows take off into the air, and I knew there was something dead by the side of the road.   Sure enough, a deer must have been hit by a car several days ago, since it was already missing some bits and pieces.   I wasn’t grossed out until I saw the eyes.   They were open and obviously had been, um, tasted?   The  eyes were filmy and mutilated but believe it or not that caused my brain to yell, “BLOG!”   Yup, sometimes my brain is a scary place…

But here’s what I was thinking.  The ayes eyes really DO have “it.”  I told my nephew that his eyes twinkle when he tells a fib.  And they do.  When he tells me something silly, for example, he tells me his 3 year old sister just turned 21, then he waits to see if I catch on that he wasn’t telling the truth.  Can he pull one over on me?  And the corner of his eyes kind of scrunch up just a bit, and his eyes themselves get brighter and yes, they twinkle.  It’s all in his eyes.  If I wasn’t sure whether he was telling the truth before, well, then I just point at him, say, “AH HA your eyes are TWINKLING!” and he laughs.

EyeHave you ever met someone who shook your hand, smiled and said “Great to meet you” as though he really meant it, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes and they looked flat or bored?  Do you have a tendency to believe that person is glad they met you or do you feel somewhat dismissed?  How would your reaction had been different had his eyes exuded friendliness?

Or have you ever had someone say “I love you,” and you looked into their eyes and they were warm and inviting and yes, loving?  Did you believe them?  I’ll bet you did!

Or have you ever asked someone how they were doing, and they said, “great, fine,” but when you looked in their face you saw their eyes looked sad and were possibly wet with tears?  Obviously their words differed from their meaning, which was evident in their eyes.

So what does all this have to do with anything?

I said that the eyes have “it,” but I didn’t say what “it” is.  The “it” is power.  The eyes have the power to emphasize what the body is saying and they have the power to detract as well.   You can tell a lot about what a person is saying just by looking; happiness, truthfulness, desire, anger, intent, are just a few of emotions eyes can share.   So practice making eye contact with everyone you meet and pass.   You’ll be much more closely in tune with what is going on around you because….

The Eyes Have It.



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