People are weenies

It was a freezing, blustery day today in Monroe, NY.   The temperature was in the 20s with wind gusts of about 45 miles per hour.  Chilly!

A few days ago, another agent in my office asked me to do an open house for her today.  I jumped in with both feet, since it was a brand new listing, priced well, and I knew there would be a lot of buyer traffic.

balloonsWe put the open house into various systems, and placed notices on social media.  I made flyers, bought cookies, and headed to my office to get balloons for my four signs.  Have you ever tried to put up signs and tie on balloons with non-stop wind?  I’m sure I must have been quite a sight trying to get just the balloons I wanted out of my car’s trunk without letting all the other ones fly away.  Then I had to hang on to the balloons while putting the sign together, jamming it into the ground and then trying to tie on balloons with frozen fingers.  Brrrr….

Anyway, I got all the signs up, tied on all my balloons, got to the house, set myself up and ten minutes later a family came with their realtor to look around.  They left, which was fine since I knew lots of people were coming, so I waited for the next visitor.  But… silence.  Three long hours of silence.  So I did my emails, did some other work, wandered around the house, waited, and then packed up, and did the balloon removal with my yet again frozen fingers.

So, buyers, I was kidding about the weenie comment.  I know you weren’t staying away from the open house because you were afraid of frigid temperatures that freeze fingers in seconds.  You guys are just as tough as I am, I know that.  You stayed away because the Jets were on at the exact same time, or because there was a Christmas Bazaar all day today right down the road, or because your brave hearts were busy doing something more important.  I know you’ll come to the next one!  I’ll be waiting!


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