Day 30 of a 30-day-in-a-row blogging challenge

Today completes ActiveRain’s “November’s Cloudburst of You” Challenge, which required that we post a blog of any topic or length onto ActiveRain every single day this month.  The point was to get us blogging regularly, which increases our Internet presence, expands our marketing platform, and provides an opportunity for us to communicate with other ActiveRainers and consumers.  I did not publish all of them on this website as well, but most of them are here. 

The topics I covered

I found that because I was forcing myself to post SOMETHING every day, I didn’t always write about real estate.  In fact, my blogs were related to four different types of topics.

my november blogsOnly slightly more than a quarter were about my local market and area.  I think this section should be a bigger percentage of my blogs going forward, as I want the buyers and sellers of Monroe NY and Orange County NY to know I know the market.

About 20% were focused on things a buyer or seller might need to know; for example, what a seller concession is, or why the mortgage appraisal is important.  I think the more we communicate about the actual process, the more comfortable future buyers and sellers will be with us.

Thirteen percent of my November blogs were focused on REALTOR® and real estate related issues.  These blogs are most interesting to others in our industry, but not necessarily to future clients.

A whopping 40% covered all sorts of miscellaneous topics, which really weren’t pertinent to real estate.  This section included Thanksgiving and Black Friday blogs, my feelings about littering, eye contact, making choices and even a silly poem I wrote about writing blogs, because I just had nothing interesting enough to say that day.

The things I learned from this challenge

  • It really is possible to blog more frequently than I have been doing.  Before this challenge, I was only blogging a few times a month, and I’m now targeting at least 15 blogs per month going forward.
  • Blogging every day is too often for me.  I doubt any of my blogs about littering or making choices or poems are relevant to my future clients and peers.  So I will probably limit those types of blogs.
  • I need to write a lot more about the local market, environment, activities, etc.  I think probably half of my blogs should cover those topics.
  • I need to share more information about the process of buying or selling a home.
  • I’m taking tomorrow off.

And now I’m finished with day 30 of the 30 day challenge!!


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