Monroe, NY 2013 Real Estate Results – through November 30th

The most often asked question about the Monroe, NY Real Estate Market is whether sales prices are increasing.  Monroe was lagging behind national trends last year; when countrywide trends indicated a healthy spike in prices, unfortunately, Monroe was staying flat.   Has anything changed in 2013?  Are prices finally rising?

monroe ny 2013 sales pricesYes, they are, which is good news for sellers, and should be impetus for buyers who have been on the fence about buying.

The dotted line shows the trend of sales prices, but as can be seen, prices are not increasing in a straight line.

Monroe’s December average sales results in 2012 were $234K; in November of this year, that had jumped more than 30% ($74K) to $307K.  But along the way, average monthly results had dipped to $260K and were as high as $345K.

In July, the month with the highest sales prices this year, quite a few of the sales were new construction/new Colonials, which brought the average results up.  In April, when the prices dipped, there were several low-priced estate and short sales that brought the averages down.

Bottom line is that the sales prices of single family homes in the village and town of Monroe NY are on their way up.  If you have been thinking of selling your home, but have been waiting for the market to improve, now would be a great time to call me on 914-419-0270 for a free market analysis!

Monroe NY home prices are on their way up!



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