Do not read unless you were a child in the 1960s!

Non real-estate related post alert…

Actually, anyone can read this post, but you probably won’t be able to help solve the mystery unless you were a book-devouring child in the 1960s.   So here’s the situation.

1966 picture of kat col and maureenMy sister Coleen posted the attached picture yesterday on a social networking site.    Coleen is sitting near the fireplace with a book in her hands, I’m sitting on the floor with my legs straight out, and my sister Maureen is also on the floor, all cuddled up.

This picture was taken in 1966, February 25th to be exact.   I was 5 years old, Maureen was 4 and Coleen was almost 3.

So the question we are asking is, what is the name of the book in Coleen’s hands?   I remember it; the front cover at least, and I know I must have read it a bunch of times.  But we don’t know what the book title is.  It’s obviously a children’s book, since Coleen was only 2.   I looked it up on the Internet, using Google image search, and couldn’t locate it.  I was in a bookstore today and I looked through the children’s picture books.  I used the Internet to look up popular Children’s books of the 1960s, but no luck.

We believe the picture on the front of the book is the profile view of a girl with a pigtail.   Can anyone solve the mystery?  If you remember the book, shoot me an email or call me on 914-419-0270.



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