Today was cookie day for my closed clients!!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Ev’rywhere you goooooo…..”

kat's cookie maniaThe snow is on the ground, and Christmas songs are on the radio and I was feeling quite festive today.   I realized I had a fairly free day with no formal appointments, and no need to do any Christmas shopping, so what else is a holiday elf to do?   Bake!

I made the family cookies that my mom used to make.   Mom called them “bon-bons” although that’s typically a term used to describe candies covered in chocolate.  In this case, bon-bons are cookies surrounding a surprise inside; a surprise that could be a cherry, or Hershey’s kiss, or pecan, or anything else the baker might want to include.

So today I made bon-bons with nice big dark chocolate Hershey Kisses inside, and I wrapped them up and delivered them to my clients who had closed or leased homes this year.  I definitely think this could become a tradition, although next time I’m thinking I should wear a Santa hat and some jingle bells.

Ho ho ho.



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