My Facebook-user frustration (mild rant)

I’m relatively active on Facebook. By that I mean if I’m sitting at my computer doing other things, I’ll open Facebook up and check from time to time to see what others are doing and will comment or not as time and interest dictate.  I may post something myself, every few days or so. I keep up with family and friends and past coworkers through Facebook.  I find it an easy way to find out what’s going on with people I’ve known, and it allows sharing of ideas quickly.  So there are definitely many benefits to Facebook.


But I do get frustrated with the service.  Why?  Because there are some people who want other people to only post what they feel is Facebook-worthy.  For example, a Facebook friend might say something like, “Hey, to all my Facebook friends, stop posting about (insert recent social news here) because it’s just not important!  Isn’t world peace more important?”  These people are dictating what others should be writing about.


But the problem I have is, Facebook and other social media sites are whatever the user wants them to be. I’ve noticed some people post on Facebook because they are in need of attention or praise. Other people post about their favorite cause, whatever that may be (religion, gay marriage, charitable giving, politics, etc.).  Other people post about their families.  Others copy popular memes and share those. Others share whatever is in the news, or whatever is in the news that supports their way of thinking about this issue or that issue.  Some share pictures of their dinner or breakfast or refrigerator contents.  Some talk about their coffee or need for naps or love of shoes.  Some share music or movie clips they think are interesting.  Others just want to connect with old friends.


And you know what?  That’s all just fine!!!!!   Facebook and other social media are a way for people to share themselves in whatever way they feel is important, and about whatever issues are important to them.   It doesn’t have to be important to anyone else.  If someone I know wants to post about the exciting colors in cigarette ash, well, hey, that’s their right and might even be the thing that gives them some sense of purpose.


So if I could make just ONE change on Facebook and similar sites, it would be that posters couldn’t tell other posters what to, or what not to, post.  Of course, that would make me one of those people that tell other people what to post, or not to post, so I would be no better. But I truly find it frustrating when people try to dictate what other people do – especially since the simple solution is to ignore the posts they don’t want to see, or to take the people who are saying things they find “unimportant” off their news feed.


Anyone who uses social media to get their ideas out, whatever those ideas may be, well, kudos to you!!!!   Be yourself and share your ideas as freely as possible.  You have that ability with the Internet.


Happy Posting.



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