Arctic snowy owls in Monroe, NY?

I read an interesting article in our local Photo News publication yesterday that indicated a large number of Arctic snowy owls are expected to be seen in the United States this winter.   


The details indicate that the “magical” bird, which has an impressive five-foot wingspan, migrates south into the continental United States when their food source, lemmings, becomes scarce or when their population increases dramatically.


Apparently, a few owls have often been spotted in years past in the Northeast, Midwest and MidAtlantic, but in 2011, researchers indicated the Arctic birds were spotted in 35 states.  They expect this year to be an “invasion” of the gorgeous birds, perhaps as far south as Florida.


Sooo, if you are in the Monroe NY area, keep your eyes peeled for a huge white owl that is active during the day and hunts for mice and rabbits along with other prey.  They tend to stay in flat and open areas.  If you see one, go to and report your siting!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture I could insert into this blog, and I haven’t seen one of the majestic creatures myself so don’t have any personal pictures, but if you do an online search for snowy owl, there are hundreds of images available. The Arctic owls are quite breathtaking!


Arctic snowy owls in Monroe NY?   Who could have imagined!?



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