Are we becoming weather wimps?

A few days ago, many news outlets published reports that stated Americans are becoming “weather wimps.” 

This statement came about because the United States had some seriously cold temperatures last week, which stretched throughout the lower 48 states.  An analysis of temperatures shows that every four years or so since 1900, extreme cold temperatures have occurred, and this trend continued regularly until 1997.  However, since 1997, temperatures have remained above 18 degrees.  This seventeen year stretch of “warmer” weather is the longest we’ve stayed above 18 in the last 114 years.   The articles went on to state that because we’re getting used to warmer weather in general, we’re all just a bunch of weenies when it’s cold out.

What do you think?


While I do think people in general have become somewhat wimpier in many respects over the last century (that’s another blog), these articles were specifically saying we’re weenies when it’s cold out.  I disagree.


When it’s cold, it’s cold, and we need to ensure we dress in layers and plan appropriately during road trips and wear woolen socks and don’t stay outside more than necessary.  That’s not being weenies, that’s being prepared!  That’s facing up to the facts and dealing with them, something brave people do.


So I have to disagree with whoever decided we are all weenies.  We’re not.  We’re just cold!



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