Monroe NY: What to Eat? Check out The Best of Little Italy!

I recently shared my feelings about a local Irish restaurant, Rambler’s Rest.   But what if you were interested in having Italian food for dinner, but you didn’t want to eat at a restaurant.  Whatever would you do in the Monroe NY area?

The Best of Little ItalyWell, you need to look no further than “The Best of Little Italy,” a local store that specializes in just about any Italian foods or specialties.  The delightful smell of all that is Italian greets you upon entering the store, which is located in the ShopRite plaza on Route 17M in Monroe.  And I’m not alone in my praises!  All you need to do is drive to the store on a holiday and see the constant stream of customers, and lines that loop around the store.

So what’s so great about The Best of Little Italy?  Everything!

Having friends over for a barbeque?  Well, you just have to get a few of their home made sausage coils — broccoli rabe or cheese & parsley or sundried tomato & mozzarella sausage.  They are all delicious!

Having family over for dinner?  What about some sopressata, cacciocavallo and sundried stuffed olives to snack on, followed by homemade ravioli and fresh bread, or any of their prepared or catered meals.

Need gluten-free food?  Guess what, they have that also!

Want to share The Best of Little Italy’s food with someone who isn’t lucky enough to live in Monroe?  They deliver!

So there’s no reason not to try The Best of Little Italy, if you haven’t already.   I was at a friend’s house recently, and they brought out a tray of delicious looking desserts — cannoli, lobster tails, napoleans.  As we dug in, with “yums” and “ahhhhs,” I said, “These are DELICIOUS! Where did you get them?”

The response:  “The Best of Little Italy!”

But of course!!


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