Yes, I am a courier!

Yesterday, I volunteered to pick up a buyer-signed contract from one attorney and hand deliver it about 10 miles away to the seller’s attorney.  I offered to do that because the first attorney was going to put the contract in US Mail, and we are expecting another big storm this week which will get in the way of people getting to work.   By the time the contract was mailed, and received, it would have been the weekend at the earliest, which means the seller wouldn’t be able to sign it until next week.  That’s just too big a delay for my client, so I went ahead and made arrangements to pick it up.

courierWhen I went into the attorney’s office to get it, I was asked, “Hey Kat, what, are you a courier also?” and I said something about charging an extra fee for the new job.


But after I left, I began thinking and realized that Yes, I AM a courier.  In fact, in addition to being a courier, I’m also a negotiator, analyst, communicator, researcher, facilitator, fact finder, partner, advisor and the list goes on.


And THEN I realized that if we are doing our REALTOR(R) job correctly, our clients won’t ever know all the jobs we perform, since our real job is to make their experience as painless and as smooth and as simple as possible, no matter what the process entails.  And if we do our job well, they won’t ever see all the behind the scenes work.


Yes, I am a courier!



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