FAQ: What does snow in Monroe, NY look like?

I’m kidding, the appearance of snow is not a frequently asked question about Monroe, NY.  The answer would be that snow in Monroe looks just like snow anywhere else!

snow in monroeTwo days ago, we received more than 20+ inches of snow and ice.  We cleaned that up yesterday morning, and then we had about 24 hours to get everything done we needed to do.

So yesterday was full of activity, as was this morning.  Today I showed a house to a buyer and I found when I arrived that the driveway and walk had not been cleared.  I had no idea the snow was as deep as it was, since evidently the home hadn’t been cleared in the last week or two.  I was wearing a pair of almost knee high boots, and I stepped into the snow in the driveway, intent on using my boots to make a path for my clients, who were a few minutes behind me.  Well, I went up to my mid-thigh in the snow, and by the time I made it all the way up the driveway and around the house to the front door, I was exhausted and was huffing and puffing.  Thankfully my clients were good natured (well, we’ll see if they respond to any of my future phone calls!) and we were able to see the home, but geez, I thought, “enough of this snow already!”

And then as I walked out of that showing, the clouds started sending down more snow, and soon the roads were covered and the piles were growing once again.   Mother Nature has returned with her somewhat warped sense of humor and the Monroe NY winter wonderland continues.

And that’s what snow in Monroe NY looks like!



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