An Olio of Thoughts

I’m an avid crossword puzzle completer.  I do at least two puzzles a day, both online and in written form. One of the things I’ve noticed is that for some reason, the same words get used over and over, regardless of who developed the crossword.  One of those words is “olio,” which means a miscellaneous mixture, or hodgepodge.  I’ve found I’ve had a bit of trouble lately coming up with a complete post based on one idea, so here are all the ideas I have jumbling around in my head at the moment, an olio of thoughts.  Perhaps one will become a future blog!

  • A splash of lime juice really does a great job at keeping guacamole green.

  • Two physical ailments that can bring me down are sore throats and headaches.  I hate when it hurts to talk or eat or think, which are three of my favorite things to do.

  • You can tell a seller that they need to be flexible with showing appointments until you can’t talk anymore, but they’ll do what they want to do.

  • Math doesn’t seem to be something people learn anymore, but it’s so important to understand! Calculating change or tips or commissions or nets or mortgages or home checking accounts…. Math is king.

  • There was a neighborhood cat that used to come visit us regularly and in fact lived outside our home for a while. His owners and he disappeared.  I miss that cat.

  • I love the sound of birds in the springtime, and I love the early sunrise and late sunset.  Spring might be my favorite time of the year.

  • My mothering role has seen drastic changes this year.  My older son is now stationed at an army base in the middle of the USA and is scheduled to be deployed next month, possibly to Kuwait. When I was talking to him earlier this week, he told me something he had done, and my mother hat came out and I said my mother-thing, and he said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ve got this.”  And he’s right, he has his life right where he wants it to be, and now, I just have to let him live his life and let him know I’m here.  My younger son has also chosen a path (which I won’t mention yet) that will take him on an interesting life journey as well.  The time between toddlers and men went way too fast!  The future excites me with my lower level of responsibility for others, but makes me sad as well.

  • Getting a book published, not self-published, is a crazy process.  Starting with the process to find an agent — it’s the only industry I know of where getting no response is normal.  Well, actually, I haven’t gotten any further than the trying to find an agent part, so I’m not sure if the rest is a crazy process or not.

  • As much as Spring might be my favorite time of year, it’s also the time when that nasty poison ivy comes out.  Yuck.

And that’s my olio of thoughts.  I think I’ve jiggled my brain a bit and have a few ideas for more posts!


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