What your GPS can’t tell you

As a real estate agent who services an area of about 800 square miles, I use a GPS device quite often. What I have found though, is my GPS can’t tell me certain things.

Things my GPS doesn’t know:

A one mile stretch of my town’s main road is under construction for the next week, and taking a three-mile longer route can actually save ~10 minutes.

The four square block area of a certain city, regardless that it might provide a more direct route, is NOT an area I should drive my clients through.

The left turn that all GPS devices tell you to take is almost impossible to make due to a blind spot and fast traffic.  Going one road north will take you to a traffic light that makes the turn much easier.

The right hand turn that is 1/4 mile before the traffic light is a much faster way to get across town.

Taking the country lane to a particular house is a much better choice for my nature loving clients, and taking the main road past the stores and restaurants works better for my shopping-lover buyers.

The bottom line?  As real estate professionals, we are constantly driving through our neighborhoods, learning all the best routes and learning how to avoid the trouble spots.  While we might use a GPS device, we are on a constant quest to know all those things our GPS can’t tell us.  

If you are in the market for a real estate agent, find a local expert who can help make the home buying process easier!


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