Wildlife in Monroe NY 10950

From time to time I think how amazing it is how well wildlife has acclimated itself to the human environment (which used to belong to the wild).  In an area of homes and cars and people and noise, there is still plenty of room for wildlife.

At some point this year, in Monroe NY, I have personally seen the following wildlife:

Fox: I think it was just the one, but the fox showed up in different areas around our neighborhood. It was much thinner and more bedraggled than I thought one would be (probably in need of food), but sure enough it was a fox.

Black Bear:  About once a year we would see a bear somewhere in the Monroe NY area, and last year a lone bear ran through the side of our property never to be seen again.  This year, a large black bear and four cubs wandered onto the edge of our property, then waddled back into the road to smell something and then raced into the brush on the other side of the road.  We didn’t see them again, but I was talking to neighbors last night and they said a mom and three cubs were on their property within the last few days. I bet one of the cubs didn’t make it.  The cubs looked quite cuddly.

Deer:  There are so many deer in the area, they must have condos in the woods.  Deer are everywhere. This morning when I went for my jog, a 4 pointer was running parallel to me for a while.  I thought it was pretty cool but a hunter I know was a bit perturbed that the deer are never in the woods when he is.

Woodchuck/Groundhog: There is one big fat woodchuck on our property. We’ve tried catching him in a have-a-heart trap, and tried blocking him from his favorite spots but we just haven’t been able to, so he co-exists with us.  His favorite spot is under the shed, or under the porch.  When we caught a different animal in the trap that was meant for him, he sat on a bunch of logs and watched us. We’re not too happy with the woodchuck.

skunkSkunks: Who hasn’t caught a whiff of skunk smell from time to time?  While I don’t see too many of these in our area, they are definitely around.  That’s what we caught in our trap instead of a woodchuck.

Turkey Vultures: I wish I had my camera this morning while getting exercise.  I had to stop to watch this one lone red-headed turkey vulture who was sitting on a dead-looking tree.  He looked spooky and majestic all at the same time.

Other Birds: Vultures stand out because they are so unique, but we have all the other birds you would expect: woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees, robins, sparrows, and a ton more.  Oh, and bats.

Squirrels/Chipmunks:  These are everywhere, but that’s the same with most of the country.  Any walk down any street or trail and squirrels and chipmunks will be plentiful.

Rabbits:  My favorite of all since they just look so adorable. Fluffy little bunnies are quite common on the Heritage Trail in Monroe NY, specifically between the Ponds and the Park & Ride.  There’s one spot where I keep an eye out, and invariably I’ll see at least one jumping away.

Mice: Not a favorite, but they do show up as well.  Usually in the garage.

So there you have it!  Life in the Monroe NY area includes not only all the amenities you would expect from an Orange County town, but also includes occasional glimpses of wildlife.  Come see for yourself!


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