I was a fertilized egg in White Plains NY

Alert! This post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate!!!!

I found out yesterday the exact location of my conception, the address of the house in which I became me. The spot on the world map where my mom and my dad did the deed that resulted in Kat.

Maybe most people already know where their life truly started, but my dad wasn’t sure what the address of their first home was until he had done a bunch of online mapping searches, and he finally located it. My parents hadn’t lived in that house for very long, and once I became a reality, they moved into a larger home.  So their first house was a very short term living solution, and was buried 54 years back along with all the other memories my dad has.

babyBut yesterday he shared with me the exact address, and I have to say, I find this most interesting.

I love the fact that the name of the street is “Freedom.”  If you had to pick a spot to start your life, isn’t Freedom the perfect place?  I feel an obligation now to continue to live my life the way I want, just based on that fact alone!

And also, I have such a desire to see the house where I started. Of course, I did some research already and found that the house is indeed still standing, and was last sold at $650K which boggles my dad’s mind since it was evidently a very small place.  But on my next visit to Westchester County, I’m going to HAVE to swing by, and stop a moment just to see where my parents’ love started me.  And I’m going to picture them walking hand in hand up to their front door after they found out they were having their first child.  And I’m going to grin.

I was a fertilized egg in White Plains NY.


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