Leaf Magnets and other random thoughts

I am determined to do thirty blogs this November, one every day, but quite frankly I’m exhausted this Sunday (note: Originally written Sunday, November 9th on ActiveRain) and don’t have a good blog idea in my head.  So I thought I would share some random things floating through my brain.

  • Wouldn’t it be cool to have a leaf magnet?  Those of you who have to deal with colorful leaves piling up on your lawn know what I’m talking about.  You should be able to just stand where you want the leaf pile to end up, and point your magnet at the lawn, and have all the leaves just zip over to the leaf pile location. This raking leaf activity is for the birds.
  • garbageMy opinion of those who litter:  If they are strong enough to drink it, wear it, eat it, smoke it, use it, read it or scratch it, they are strong enough to make sure it gets in the garbage.
  • On Saturday, one of my clients never showed up for our confirmed appointment.  This is the second time this particular person blew me off and did not answer the phone or respond to my text when I tried to reach them.  And more unfortunately, the homes I was showing them were about 45 minutes from my house. After the first time, apologies followed and some wacky explanation of cell phone problems was given.  I decided to give them another chance. The next time they showed up for the appointment, but were 30 minutes late. Yesterday, they were a no show. They are no longer my client.
  • Watching someone with Alzheimers deteriorate is very difficult for loved ones. Seeing the person become someone else, seeing them struggle as they realize they are losing memories, is difficult. I hope sometime in the next decade a cure is found. I wouldn’t want my family to see me that way should Alzheimers ever find me.
  • As I sit here wearing a warm sweater I obtained during a trip to Iceland, I realize one of the most interesting things I did in my life was work for three months on a training ship for cadets.  I was a Yeoman, responsible for all the grades/schedules/and more for the Engineering department.  Not only was I able to see some very interesting parts of the world, but I learned all about another industry.   And I have memories to last me forever.  The point?  Taking crazy chances and doing things that perhaps you never even dreamed of is an awesome way to broaden your life and make it much more interesting.

And that’s all I have for today.


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