Miscellaneous ramblings on a Sunday

My post ideas fizzle out by Sunday, so I am sharing a hodge-podge of thoughts that no one else will care much about, but as I mentioned last Sunday, I’m determined to do my 30 posts – one for each day in November. This is post #16.

  • I believe people are inherently good. When faced with someone in need, most people rise to the occasion, offering to help in any way they can.  That keeps my faith in human nature intact.  And makes me tear up a bit, to be honest.
  • pizza sliceFamily routines are a great way to keep some consistency in life, so if you don’t share any ongoing events with your household, perhaps you could start. For example, in my house, every Sunday means there are homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast and homemade pizza for dinner. So if you live in this house, that’s what Sundays mean. And if for some reason, we have to break tradition, it needs to be announced ahead of time so there’s no disappointment “Warning, Warning, pizza is being moved to Monday this week!”
  • As a real estate agent, I love that moment my buyer clients find the house they want, and the answer to, “Do you want to make an offer?” is a resounding “YES!” And even better, I love when the offer is accepted and I hear a “YAY! OMG OMG” on the other end of the phone when I share the news with my clients.
  • The right tools make any job so much easier. My new printer/scanner that can handle multiple sheets makes all my work jobs easier. The dual ovens in my range allow all meal components to be done at the right time. The right wheel on the wheelbarrow makes pushing it across the ground so much easier. The right hairbrush makes the hair look better.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you have the right tools, the job is infinitely easier to do.

And I have no more thoughts in my head, except, “Hey, it’s almost time for pizza!”


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