Miscellaneous ramblings on a Sunday – 11-23-14 version

I’m still determined to do my 30 posts in November, one each day.  This is post #23 and as seems to be normal, by the end of the week I can’t put together enough words to talk about any one thing.  So here’s a bunch-o-stuff.

Tip for today:  Always check out your new smoker well before you want to use it for company. Our old smoker evidently got a bit too hot and the entire thing blistered and all the paint peeled and everything was charred. We’ve been smoking our Thanksgiving turkey for the last few years, so we bought a brand new shiny smoker this weekend. We thought it might be a great idea to try it before we have to use it for Thanksgiving. Good thing we did. We can’t get the darn thing to get hotter than about 100 degrees. So we’ll probably have to start cooking that turkey NOW!!!!

A strange thing about houses:  Almost all houses near me are relatively cookie cutter, in terms of the way the rooms are built.  Most colonials have the same basic flow downstairs, and the four bedrooms upstairs are usually setup the same way.  There is almost always a door to the basement off the kitchen, and usually a half bath in the front hall.  But the fact is, there are THOUSANDS of floor plans available for new homes.  There are one story or two story or three story with garages or no garages, with the garages under the house, or attached or detached, There are log homes and post and beam homes and hexagonal homes. There are probably 40 different styles of homes, most of which can be placed most anywhere in the country. So why is there such a lack of uniqueness in home designs?  If you own property, try finding something different to put on it!

Snack food:  I think one of the best snack foods ever is pistachio nuts.  Oh yum. I just finished a few while writing this!And that is all!



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