Cookie delivery to my clients: completed!

Only a few days ago there was no sign of Christmas at my house except for a lonely wreath hanging from the front door. No tree had been purchased; no gifts were in sight. No cookies had been made. No carols had been played. A quick look at the calendar told me that in 10 days Christmas would be here, and I needed to get my butt in gear.  So the next day, I did.

cookies 2014By the evening of the following day, the live Christmas tree was in its stand. Presents had been purchased and wrapped. And I had made my special bon-bon cookies; I decorated them and let them cool, and placed them carefully in cookie boxes. And the day after that, Santa Kat stopped by the houses of my 2014 clients and dropped off my home made treats. I started this annual cookie drop last year, and I had a great time with the 2014 version.

If you buy or sell a house with me in 2015, you could be on my 2015 delivery schedule!! Call me now to get started!


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