If you need a Well Professional in Monroe, NY

Late last Friday, the water in my house stopped working. I had visions of being without water for a week or so, as I doubted I would be able to reach any professionals over the weekend.  However, I was definitely going to try!  I started by looking for a plumber because I thought the problem might have been with the compression tank and the plumbing in the basement.  I made a call to someone who was recommended to me (another blog to follow), and he agreed to come first thing on Saturday morning. After the plumber assessed the situation, he let me know the problem was with my well pump, and I would need to get a well professional out to my house.  

Again, I was worried about the fact that it was a Saturday so I left a voice mail message and sent an email message to Roarke Well Drilling of Harriman (Monroe) NY.  Within a few hours, Chuck Crover of Roarke contacted me.  I explained the situation, and he promised to come first thing on Sunday morning.

water dropletsAs promised, Sunday morning at 8am, Roarke Well Drilling arrived in my driveway and immediately went to work. Chuck identified the problem, fixed and tested the issue, and by 10am, my water was working perfectly; in fact, it was working better than it had been in years.  In my case, my water pump had burned out, and he had to pull it up, replace it and also replace some connections at the compression tank. At every step of the way, he explained in simple terms what had happened, how he was going to repair it, and how I could make sure this didn’t happen again.  And not only did he leave a happy customer, but later that evening, I received an email checking to make sure everything was still working well.

So I’m doing what I do in situations like this. I’m sharing my experience so that anyone else who is looking for a Well Professional in the Monroe NY (Orange County) area, will know who to contact.  Call Roarke Well Drilling at 845-783-9355.  They will get your problem fixed!!!!


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