Deer of Monroe, NY

Let me introduce you to the deer family of Monroe, NY.  Actually, I can’t do that because there are too many deer families in our area to get them all in one place.  What I can do is introduce you to the typical Monroe NY deer.

The deer that show up in my neighborhood are the white tailed deer, which are so called because they have, well, you can figure that part out. The deer are herbivores, and while they may snack on an occasional field mouse or bird, primarily they eat trees, shrubs, acorns and the like. Needless to say, they can do a lot of damage to flowering plants and shrubs if the greenery is not sprayed with deer repellent or kept safe behind fences. That’s one of the reasons many homeowners are not fans of the deer population. Although on a positive note, I understand they eat poison ivy which makes me a fan.

deer on 6-22-15At this time of year, there are a huge number of deer wandering around, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to see. If you want to see one, you really have to look for them. And that’s because the white tailed deer have a great ability to be extremely quiet and not move a muscle.  

This morning, I was walking my dog Halo, and I didn’t even see this deer until we were about 10 feet away. She just stood totally still and watched us come, watched us walk past, watched me take a few pictures, and watched us leave. In that entire minute or two, she didn’t twitch an ear or make any sound at all.

deer leaving on 6-22-15But as soon as we were a safe distance away, she decided she had enough and she crossed the road in search for a safer location.

White tailed deer are prevalent in the Monroe NY area. If you visit our area, keep an eye peeled if you want to take a few pictures, but even more importantly if you want to make sure they don’t impact with your vehicle.

Come meet the deer of Monroe, NY.


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