“This was my dream, I’m so happy, thank you”

I work with both seller and buyer clients, but there’s something about the buyer client, from the excitement of the home hunt to the helping the wheels move during the actual buying process, that is so gratifying. And after weeks or months of inspections, appraisals, mortgage processes, title reports, and surveys, the best thing is handing the key over to the smiling and thrilled new home owner.  

However, I just experienced the real “best thing.”  I worked with clients earlier this year through several unsuccessful offers until we got to the house that worked. We managed through some frustrating issues with deck permits and an incorrectly placed shed and a finally scheduled closing on the last day of the mortgage lock. The stress of hunting for the right home and all the issues that happened during the purchasing process dissipated as the keys were handed to the new home buyers.  How wonderful!

thanksAnd then a month later, my buyer client now friend, asked me to come over and see what she’s done with the house. So off I went, and she gave me a tour of her new paint colors, and she showed me how the furniture was arranged, and she talked about how they were enjoying the deck and the property, and then she looked at me with a huge smile and said, “This was my dream, I’m so happy, thank you.”  

And that is why I’m in this business.  To help people realize their dream, and to help them be happy. And for that, I truly thank them.


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